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About Us

 Kalisi F. Mausio, Founder

Aloha! I'm a mapper, researcher, farmer, entrepreneur and a mother of twin Polynesian dragons.
I got into breadfruit through farming with my sister in Hilo. It is the subject of my PhD research where I seek to understand its ability to help us adapt to a changing climate as a resilient and productive tree. Through crop modeling I try to understand how environmental conditions and farming practices influences how much carbon is stored or lost in a given area. 

 Naima Te Maile, Co-Founder

Aloha and Talofa! I’m a law student, whose passion is to advocate for coastal communities in the South Pacific that are disproportionately affected by climate change — yet least at fault.

As a Tuvaluan woman with family residing in New Zealand, Hawaiʻi, and the Marshall Islands, I’m committed to helping coastal communities in the South Pacific combat the effects of climate change with innovative, indigenously-informed solutions — like Kanu!