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“Kanu” is often referred to in ‘olelo Hawai'i as planting or cropping. Pretty perfect for a project that is about planting trees on farm land. What makes it even more meaningful is that the word is a descendent of the proto-Polynesian word ‘tanu’ which means to bury.

Carbon sequestration is really about sinking carbon back into the soil. The soil is actually just or more important as the tree. It is estimated that 40% of a trees carbon is put back into the soil through its roots, and there it is buried and retired out of the system.

So, we plant trees to bury carbon.



This is a project under Hawaii Farm Trails  which is a regenerative enterprise that aims to promote agriculture in Hawaii and to connect people to local farms. It is centered around an online platform that helps users find Farms/Ranches, Farmers Markets and Agricultural Events. The free App was launched with support from USDA, HTA, HATA and KS. It is currently currently expanding statewide and forming initiatives to provide farm experiences and regenerative alternatives to the previous extractive models. You can visit the website or download the App by visiting



We are a collection of indigenous women committed to combatting climate change, perpetuating our island cultures, and regenerating our environment and communities. Introductions coming soon.