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How it works

It is our mission to provide options to the public to balance out their carbon footprint by purchasing trees that will go to farms to be cared for by farmers who are best positioned to put the harvests back into our local food systems. The 3 primary objectives are:

1. Sequester Carbon

2. Increase Food Security

3. Promote Farmers

We are starting out modestly and with a focus on 'ulu which is a culturally important tree that has an amazing potential to feed and regenerate our Island Home. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Estimate carbon footprint, decide how much to contribute
  2. Select a $ amount that suits you (subscriptions available)
  3. Send as a gift if you like
  4. Purchase
  5. You receive a confirmation email with a sharable Kanu Badge
  6. Within a month you receive another follow-up email letting you know where your trees will be planted.
  7. The farmer receives trees to plant & with resources from us on care.
  8. The host farm is featured and promoted
  9. 3-5yrs later the farmer will start to see the first fruits.